How time flies – celebrating two years of Bridges Lake Macquarie

When we started this practice, our focus was to build a high-quality business that would help people live a better life by giving them greater confidence to make good financial decisions that would achieve their personal lifestyle goals.

Here we are two years later and we’re celebrating another anniversary amongst many other achievements. It’s a great opportunity to reflect on the last two year – the successes, the achievements and challenges.

I wanted to share a few words on the journey so far and, more importantly, say thank you on behalf of the entire team.

It has been a very busy period of expansion and we have continued to grow our financial advice, support and client service teams. We have been blessed to recruit such fantastic team members along the way to help service and support our truly wonderful clients.

Our continued efforts to raise expectations and follow our client-first approach to advice caught the eye of the judges at the annual Bridges Group awards where our practice was named ‘Branch of the Year’ in early 2018. Craig Orbell was also awarded Young Advisor of the Year. Craig is a very deserving winner and a highly regarded member of the Bridges Lake Macquarie team.

We are very humbled that our practice has grown entirely on referrals over the last two years, credited totally to our satisfied clients that continue to recommend our unique value proposition to others.

These client referrals have extended our footprint throughout the region and we are now servicing clients across Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Newcastle, Port Stephens, Central Coast, Sydney and New England as well as interstate and overseas.

We are all very thankful for your support, as you continue to believe in us, our ability to help you no matter the situation and our expertise on financial, lifestyle and business goals.

I am pleased to say the focus of the practice remains unchanged; it’s still about people and following our values. We continue to enjoy solid relationships with our clients and associates and we still get as excited as they do in reaching their milestones, achieving their goals and setting new ones.

In reviewing 2018, it was certainly a year of ups and downs for many of our clients both personally and financially.

We celebrated with those that reached and settled into a comfortable retirement or achieved a major financial goal like paying off a mortgage, while congratulating those with the courage, drive and enthusiasm for buying or starting a business.

We supported others who said farewell to loved ones this year and provided guidance and assistance with insurance claims for death, disability, loss of income and cancer events to help others get back on the path to a stable life.

Financial markets delivered positive results for investors who swam in between the flags for most of the year, only to cause frustration in the last quarter by the uncertainty of Brexit and a breakdown in global trade negotiations between the United States and China.

Looking towards 2019, we continue to be optimistic about the future. We know that with regular coaching, progress meetings and fine-tuning our client’s financial strategy, it will deliver the best probability of achieving aspirations and reaching target destinations.

We will continue to challenge ourselves to reach bigger, more audacious goals by investing in more personal and professional development so we – as a team – can better support you on your journey and navigate the best path forward.

To help achieve this, we’ll be seeking your feedback early in the new year on our service delivery and the quality of our advice and support, to ensure we continue to meet and exceed your expectations.

You may have already noticed that we have started embracing more technology in the practice over previous months and this will continue to be a focus during 2019. We hope these advancements will make doing business with us even easier and be an efficient use of your precious time in the new year.

Skype & Zoom Meetings will be offered for our clients that are hindered by either distance or time. This will make communicating with us easier and will also offer the option to book your next meeting online if you’re unable to phone the practice during business hours.

Have a wonderful Christmas break with family and friends and we look forward to working with you again in the new year!


Daniel Irving and the Bridges Lake Macquarie team